High School Information

Schedules are now posted and available on OSAA with updated times, bus schedules, etc.

We anticipate Culminating week games for V, JV, Frosh June 21-26.  More information to come.

Policies for away games vary by site. We will attempt to pass them along as available:

6/4 at Grant
V – 7PM, bus at 5:15
JV – 5:30, bus at 3:45
JV2 and Frosh – 4PM, one bus at 2:45
All teams are allowed 5 spectators per player except for JV2 which is allowed 2. There will be a QR code to scan into the game. 

DRIVER Permission Form C: Private Auto Driver_Passenger Release and Parent Permission_FORM FILL

All athletes must be registered and cleared by BSD & WHS Athletics per the below instructions.
  • Each student needs:
    • An up to date physical
    • Athletic Participation form
    • Athletic Participation Rules Form
    • Covid release form. 
  • Students and coaches will be required to wear masks at all times
  • Athletes and Coaches must maintain a 6ft distance whenever possible
  • There will be no live play in this initial phase.  
  • Athletes must bring their own water bottles.
  • Restrooms will be open but no locker rooms for changing
  • Students must self check-in at the upper gym door by the football field using the QR code on the door.  They will check-out via QR code inside the gym and exit from the tunnel.

Send questions via email WestviewWildcatHoops@gmail.com

Go Cats!
Coach Wolf
Coach Shired
Coach LeFor
Coach McElroy
Coach Mathew

Posted by Howard McElroy